College Basketball Betting: Princeton Tigers vs. Harvard

March 6, 2012 NCAA Basketball

Princeton at Harvard game is definitely going to be quite a rush for you Harvard fans, as the basketball team from Princeton is definitely going to give the Harvard team a challenge. The Princeton Tigers have won quite a few games this season so far like the game against Cornell. The Tigers have won four straight games recently, and their game against Harvard could really test them to see how far they’ll go this season. Check the College Basketball Odds for Princeton Tigers vs. Harvard game.

It’s been said recently that the entire Princeton team has been on a roll for quite awhile, so there are good chances that the Princeton team is definitely going to win. If you’re betting on a certain team, the Tigers definitely have better odds at winning this game. Their experience and past successes with their players can potentially make them unbeatable. Their top scorers, Patrick Saunders and Ian Hummer, are working and training hard for their game against the Harvard players, and their chances of winning are definitely higher today than it was several years ago. They know how to start and end a game with power.Start your College Basketball Betting action on Princeton Tigers vs. Harvard game.

Princeton has two players who have been raking in more than 14 points in a single game on a consistent basis, and the best part is that the whole team is constantly distributing their work to having better chances at winning. Harvard is definitely experienced and can still win the game, but with the Tigers having consecutive wins, they just might be on a roll. With Hummer and Suanders combined, they can take the entire game to the next level. They know how to handle the beginning of the game, which is usually the most important part. In fact, they scored the first five shots in their last game, so they know how to put themselves in the right position to win.

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