College Basketball Betting: Oklahoma Sooners vs. Baylor Bears

March 1, 2012 NCAA Basketball

The Oklahoma Sooners will be up against the Baylor Bears on February 25, and it’s surely going to be a wonderful challenge for the both of them. The Oklahoma won their last game against the Oklahoma St. Cowboys, but more than 5 of their latest games were all huge fails. However, the Baylor Bears won their last game against the Texas Longhorns. The only difference is the simple fact that they won more of their last games compared to the Oklahoma Sooners. Based on their past wins, it’s pretty obvious that the Baylor Bears have a much bigger chance at winning this match. Check the College Basketball Odds for Oklahoma Sooners vs. Baylor Bears game.

The Oklahoma Sooners have an amazing roster of players, but the Bears have a different type of players that’s surely going to play better. They won most of their last 10 games compared to the Oklahoma Sooners, so their professional experience is definitely going to help give them more confidence when they walk into this game. Both teams are definitely one of the best that you’ll ever find, but both still have to undergo lots of training before one of these teams beats the other in this game. Start your College Basketball Wagering action on Oklahoma Sooners vs. Baylor Bears  game.  Start your College Basketball Betting action on Oklahoma Sooners vs. Baylor Bears game.

Since the Sooners will be going to the Baylor Bears stadium, the Bears have a bit of an advantage of being in their hometown. The Bears know how helpful it is to be in their home crowd, so they just might feel better than normal. The truth is that the Sooners are great, but they haven’t gained the confidence to win several games in a row in a long time. You’ll find both teams to have a great chance at having a good game, but the odds of the Bears winning are much higher than the Sooners. This next game is still going to be exciting and quite intense.

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