College Basketball Betting Odds Totals at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting odds are available not only on sides but also on totals.

With so many online sportsbooks, and so many college basketball betting odds available, some sportsbooks will actually post a total on every single college basketball game, but most only do the marquee games. College basketball betting odds in terms of totals are difficult for oddsmakers to get a handle on.  It is difficult to put up totals at all in college basketball and putting up a total on every single game on the board is oftentimes a nightmare and that is why bettors usually beat the books on college basketball betting odds totals. If you are looking at college basketball betting odds totals at sportsbooks, it would be in your best interest, just like it is with betting sides, to narrow your focus to a couple of conferences, or perhaps even just one conference.

There is no doubt that if you can read, study, and watch a certain conference you are going to have a big edge on the sportsbooks in college basketball odds.  It is just too much work for college basketball odds makers to watch every single game in every single conference. Do you actually think the college basketball betting odds makers watch games from conferences like the Ohio Valley? It just doesn’t happen. Actually they don’t watch a number of conferences in terms of college basketball betting odds. You could add about 10 more they have no interest in watching. Unless the games are on ESPN or one of the major networks, and perhaps the game plan, the books don’t see the games. You may not be able to watch them either, but you can definitely listen to them and you can definitely read about them before looking at the college basketball betting odds. Most times the college basketball betting odds makers are just going to look at the score or the box score. They won’t do any reading about how the game actually went. This is okay when talking about sides, but with college basketball betting odds totals you can definitely get a better feel for them if you listen or if you read about how the game went.

When you begin betting college basketball betting odds totals the first step is to pick out a conference or two and then make your own totals and compare them with what the college basketball odds makers come out with. If you see a big difference then that is your play in college basketball odds.

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