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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting odds in the month of November are interesting to consider.

The first think to consider when looking at early season college basketball betting odds is returning starters. The basketball gambling player will look at a team like Duke or Connecticut and see four returning starters and immediately think they have stumbled onto some great undiscovered secret but the problem with looking at returning players is that it very often doesn’t tell you the whole story in terms of college basketball odds.

College basketball betting odds and the returning players factor doesn’t always guarantee you a winner. It could be that a team is returning a lot of players from last year but that last year’s team sucked. Returning starters don’t do you a whole lot of good then against the college basketball betting odds. If these returning starters showed improvement at the end of the season then it might be worth looking at in terms of college basketball odds.

Early in the season you don’t have much to go in with college basketball betting odds but just looking at returning players sometimes gets you into trouble. You may be better served by looking at the team’s website or local newspaper and see how the coach is preparing for the season with exhibition results and games that are not on the college basketball odds board. This may tell you how the returning starters look and if any new players can make an impact in college basketball odds. These early games are really like a training camp and can give you a very good idea of how the early season might go in terms of college basketball betting odds.

Sometimes a better way for the basketball gambling player to look at the early games in the season and the early college basketball betting odds is by looking at the overall program. A team like Duke or Kansas is just going to reload. Returning starters are not that critical in terms of college basketball odds. What may happen though is that the early season is used as a warmup to the conference schedule. This is when a team either comes together or falls apart and you see it in terms of the college basketball betting odds.

It is interesting to look at returning starters in college basketball, but it is not critical to winning versus college basketball betting odds. The more important consideration early in the season should be the exhibition games and the early non-lined games. It is there you will get an idea of the personality of the team and how ready they are for the season and how to approach them on the college basketball betting odds board.

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