High Profile College Basketball Betting Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting odds on high profile teams can oftentimes cause basketball gambling players nothing but trouble.

A basketball gambling fact of life is that you are not going to find much value backing high profile teams in NBA or college basketball betting odds. College basketball betting odds on teams like the Lakers in the NBA and Duke in college basketball are going to be overpriced more often than not. The reason for these high prices in college basketball betting odds is name value. The college basketball odds makers are aware of the mass appeal of such teams and they make the public pay a premium price to take them.

If you go around the world you are going to see fans that have the marquee teams firmly in their minds. Basketball gambling players that pay attention will see that marquee teams get all the press and most of the attention from the public and the college basketball betting odds makers. We know about the NBA marquee teams, but the same thing applies in college basketball betting odds where Duke, North Carolina, UCLA, Connecticut, Syracuse and others will attract all of the attention in college basketball betting odds. About the only time you can get any type of value on these high profile teams is when they play each other in college basketball betting odds. In the NBA you can sometimes get value when the Lakers play the Spurs or when the Heat plays the Mavericks. In college basketball you can get value when Duke takes on North Carolina or Syracuse plays Connecticut, UCLA vs. Stanford, Indiana vs. Ohio State and other matchups like those in college basketball betting odds. There are many other examples of this in both college basketball betting odds and pro basketball odds. Sometimes a popular NBA or college basketball team can often be a value if they are a dog. That is the time to take the high profile team in college basketball odds.

There are not many instances where high profile teams are good bets in college basketball odds. You have to really search for those instances versus college basketball betting odds. You are better off going against the high profile teams than forcing a bet and taking them against the college basketball odds.

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