College Basketball Betting: Is Hansbrough the Best at SBG Global?

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

At the beginning of the decade the NCAA basketball odds faced a shortage of talent as all the best high school players opted for the NBA and skipped the college basketball betting experience.

College basketball has morphed considerably over the past decade. That’s changed quite a bit in recent years, but upper classman like the reigning player of the year Tyler Hansbrough are rarities in college basketball betting.

College basketball betting fans that have seen ‘the beast’ play would be hard pressed to find a more talented and focused player in NCAA basketball betting than Hansbrough. But the question remains: Is Tyler Hansbrough the best player? 

The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. There is simply no player in college basketball right now as affective against NCAA basketball betting opponents as Hansbrough is. But that doesn’t mean that that will still be true by the end of the NCAA basketball betting season. With a very talented crop of freshman making its debut this season in the college basketball betting action he could very easily be passed. Last season, Michael Beasley was arguably the better player and had the best stats in college basketball betting to prove it. And the year before that, a freshman Kevin Durant put up monster numbers in his single season at the college basketball betting level.

This season, who knows which college basketball betting rookie could upstage Hansrough in his quest for an NCAA basketball betting title? But don’t count the senior out, Hansbrough is a rare talent and one of the best in college basketball history. Sure he’s not as flashy as a lot of players in college basketball, but he gets the job done and there’s no arguing with the end result. Just to put things in perspective, Hansbrough is the all time leading scorer in North Carolina college basketball betting history. That means he’s scored more points than of the greatest to ever suit up in college basketball betting competition including James Worthy, Sam Perkins, Vince Carter and of course Michael Jordan.

But Hansbrough is more than just a scorer; he is a rebounding demon and a ridiculous competitor. He is a throwback to the old school days when low post scoring dominated the college basketball betting. He can score on anyone in the paint and this opens up the floor for the Tar Heels’ offense. Until proven otherwise, Hansbrough is the best player in college basketball, and with a bit of hard work and luck he might also be holding the college basketball betting championship trophy as well.

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