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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting fans have seen an overwhelming number of freshman players make their mark in the NCAA basketball betting.

Last, Derrick Rose led his Memphis team to the final game and parlayed that performance into being selected the number one player taken in the college basketball betting NBA draft. But he’s just one of many players that have capitalized on one year of college basketball experience and are now starring in the NBA.

College basketball betting has changed a lot over the past few decades but perhaps the biggest change has been the role that freshman now play in the NCAA basketball betting. For anyone new to the sport of college basketball betting it might seem that it’s a natural thing that freshman play such a prominent role in the success of their teams in the college basketball betting. However, that is a very, very recent development. In fact, it wasn’t long ago that freshmen weren’t even permitted on the varsity team. In the days of Bill Walton, Oscar Robinson and other college greats, freshman weren’t even permitted on the floor with the college basketball betting upperclassman.

But NCAA basketball betting has changed dramatically over the years and now it is the freshmen that seem to run the show and lead the teams. This phenomenon began to take root in the 1990s and has blossomed in recent college basketball seasons. Although Daryl Dawkins was perhaps the original player to go straight from high school to the NBA, thereby skipping the college basketball betting experience, his voyage was an exceedingly rare one for most of NCAA basketball betting history.

It wasn’t until several decades later that Kevin Garnett caused a major stir in the college basketball betting scene when he skipped college and opted for an NBA paycheck. Then came Kobe Bryant and within a year or two almost every top high school prospect who could was leap-frogging the college basketball betting scene and opting for the NBA.

Thanks to a rule change in the NBA that forces players to wait a year after graduation before entering the NBA draft, top high school players are once again playing a pivotal role. And in the 2008-09 college basketball betting season freshman will play a bigger role than ever. Fans should expect to see dozens of freshman leading their teams in the college basketball betting tournament and also occupying all the top slots in the draft.
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