College Basketball Betting Beats the NBA Game at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting is one of the most alluring sports going.

And while it may seem strange that the betting on college basketball is a more entertaining proposition than the NBA game, considering that the NBA has superior talent, talent isn’t everything when it comes to betting on basketball. While college basketball betting and NBA betting are both fun, college basketball betting is simply more fun.

College basketball betting fans that have experience betting on both the pro and the college game have many reasons to prefer the college game. To start with, the college basketball betting action is much more exciting. Exciting, of course, is a relative term and much of its meaning depends on the preferences of each individual. But across the board most sports fans will tell you that college basketball betting is more exciting because the players have more passion and enthusiasm for what they do.

Say what you will about betting on college basketball but it’s difficult to argue with this premise. Take for example the average player in college basketball betting versus the average NBA player. The NBA player is likely a man in his late 20’s, probably financially secure for his life and going through the motions for the better part of a much too long 82-game season. Contrast that with the average player in college basketball betting which is likely a teenager, or young adult, likely from a less than financially secure background, and betting on college basketball games to be a springboard for a chance at a better life.

Where the NBA player is already set and has already signed the contract for millions, the college basketball betting player is essentially attending a job interview every time he takes the court. In essence, the college basketball betting player’s future is dependent on how well he performs. The better the player does in the college basketball betting games the better the chance that he might become one of the very few that can actually play the game of basketball professionally.

This is perhaps too philosophical of an examination of the college basketball betting scene for some sports fans, and it’s at best a superficial examination of the subject and the motivation in the betting on college basketball scene, but it’s difficult to argue with the basic facts. But next time you you’re watching a college basketball betting game compare the hustle and effort of the college players versus that of the NBA players and you’ll draw some obvious conclusions.

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