Cinderella Contenders in March Madness Odds

February 20th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds bring out the Cinderella stories every year as a team that no one gave much of a chance makes a run.

March Madness betting is popular for many reasons and the Cinderella factor is one of those reasons.

March Madness odds are going to give you a lot of chance to find that Cinderella team. The problem with looking for the Cinderella team that may surprise is that it rarely happens like you think it will. Years ago that team was Gonzaga as everyone loved to rout for the Zags. If you are not up to date on college hoops you might still consider Gonzaga a surprise team.  That hasn’t been the case for years as the Zags are now a college basketball power. You have to find the Cinderella team before everyone else already knows about them and before they become a team that is expected to win.  Gonzaga has long since taken off the slipper.

It is not always easy to find the contender for Cinderella success in March Madness odds.  It is a skill that really separates the true experts from the general public in March Madness betting.  That doesn’t mean you can’t do it though.  Let’s consider some things that will help you find the Cinderella team this season.

What you want is a team with a good coach, a reasonable bracket, some NCAA Tournament history and you want a team that is playing well.  You can’t go picking a Cinderella if they are going to face Kansas or Kentucky in the first round.  Those teams are not Cinderella’s, they are sacrificial lambs.  What you want is a team that has been in the tournament before and is seeded somewhere from 4-12.  Throw out the 13-16 seeds. They are simply not likely to go anywhere.  Top three seeds can also be thrown out as they are not surprises.  It is after the Top 20 or so where you can get Cinderella stories.  Normally you want a mid-range seed but past years have shown that the #12 seed can surprise in March Madness odds.

Cinderella contenders don’t always have to come from the smaller conferences. You might find a team like Mississippi State that takes on the role of Cinderella as they go under the radar.  A team like Northern Iowa could be another one even though they have been ranked. Cinderella’s come in all shapes and sizes and they make wagering on March Madness odds exciting.

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