Can the Underdogs Win in Final Four Betting?

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Final Four betting will obviously give you the choice of picking the favorite or the underdog in the two games.

Can the underdogs win for you as you bet Final Four odds?  Let’s take a look and see what we can find.

Final Four betting favorites are going to get more action than the underdogs. That is simply the way sports betting is.  People like to bet the favorites first.  If you are going to take an underdog in Final Four betting there are some things you would like your team to be able to do.  First, they need to be able to score.  They don’t have to score a ton of points but if they are going to win they need to average more than 75 points per game.  If you are taking the dog your team must be able to get points.

It helps if you have an underdog in Final Four odds with a good coach.  A coach that has taken his team to the tourney at least three times means you can win and cover the spread as an underdog. Experience matters in the Final Four. With a team like Kentucky who doesn’t have experience with their players, they make up for it with their head coach.

If you want to narrow things down a little bit more with your underdogs in Final Four betting there are some other things to consider.  You can throw out the mid-major teams if they made it this far.  They simply don’t win.  The last mid-major to win was Louisville in 1986 and they are not even a mid-major anymore.

Normally you could throw out a team that had not been in the previous year’s NCAA Tournament. That is going to be harder to do this year since teams like Kentucky, Kansas State and Baylor didn’t make it last year.  The 2010 NCAA Tournament has been full of upsets with top seeds like Kansas and Syracuse losing. That does not mean that the underdogs will cover in Final Four odds though.  There is likely to be at least one top seed in the Final Four and that means either Duke or Kentucky or both will get a lot of attention.  It will be well deserved too since top seeds in the tourney win more often than not when it gets down to the Final Four.

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