Can the Fighting Irish Last?

March 11, 2015 NCAA Basketball

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are drawing a lot of attention to themselves as we are about to get down to the nitty-gritty of March Madness betting. They have been able to pull some upsets that have raised some eyebrows in amusement by fans and sports writers alike. But the question still remains; can this team make a splash in the NCAA tournament?

This has been one heck of a ride for Notre Dame. Yesterday’s win over Louisville 71 to 59, was a perfect example of the good side and bad of the Fighting Irish as a team this season. When on point, their offense appears to be highly effective and their defense very solid especially on the first half. But, as yesterday’s game played out, Notre Dame also showed their different flaws on defense when they saw a 11-point lead erased in a matter of minutes in the second half. Their rebounding let much to be desired and we have seen their shooting be much better. Their lack of presence on the boards is due to the fact that they only posses one player on the team that is over 6’8”, this could be their downfall for March Madness betting.

But, Notre Dame is a team that has an unquestionable hunger for greatness. Despite their several flaws, they have the ability to adapt and respond to the situations inside a basketball game. After being put on the ropes by Rick Pitino’s Cardinals, they managed to pull themselves back up and catch fire on the late stage of the game to beat Louisville. The Fighting Irish are a sleeper team that if they catch fire, they are one of the top shooting teams in the country. But if they want to leave their mark on March Madness betting, will need for some of the players on their roster to step their game up

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