BracketBusters Don’t Help Mid-Majors in March Madness Odds

February 20th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds are expected to include a lot of mid-major teams in a few weeks but the recent BracketBuster games didn’t do some of those teams any favors.

Last year in March Madness betting there were very few mid-major teams but this year there are expected to be a lot of them even though the BracketBuster games didn’t go well.

March Madness odds could include Northern Iowa and they are one of the mid-majors that actually saw their chances improve.  They beat Old Dominion and probably took care of their at-large chances of a tourney bid.  Utah State was another team that did get some help as they beat Wichita State.  It is still unlikely that Utah State can steal a bid unless they run the table.  Siena had a BracketBuster game against Butler and they were blown out which ends their chances of an at-large bid. They will now have to win the MAAC conference tournament to get in.

Other teams like Rhode Island, Dayton and Charlotte didn’t do themselves any good this past weekend. The Atlantic 10 is still going to get quite a few teams but those three now could be in trouble in March Madness odds. BracketBuster games did live up to their nickname this past week in some respect as certain teams fell right off the bubble.

There were some other teams that didn’t help their chances this past week in March Madness betting. They are not all from the mid-major conferences.  South Florida got right off the bubble as they lost to St. John’s. They now need a signature win to get back in the picture.  Cincinnati and Seton Hall also didn’t help their chances.   Mississippi was ranked earlier this season but they are now in definite trouble.  The last couple of weeks of the regular season are all about key games with teams trying to make the NCAA Tournament.

March Madness odds are the best time of the year as many teams you don’t immediately recognize are on the board.  That will be the case again this year even with some of the teams losing in BracketBuster games this past weekend.  Some of these teams like Siena and Wichita State will just have to win their conference tournaments to make it in March Madness odds and they are both capable of doing just that.

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