Bracket Appeal of March Madness Odds

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds are simply great to look at because they are in brackets.

People all over the world have the brackets and they all want to pick the winners. That does make March Madness betting exciting and very popular.

March Madness odds are appealing for many reasons starting with the brackets. You have March Madness betting brackets with 64 teams where each team plays with the losers going home. Many times in other sports you have multiple chances to win like in baseball or basketball that have 7-game series.  In the NFL it is win or go home but March Madness odds are different. The brackets may it so appealing to fans of all sorts.  In just a few days the 64 teams are narrowed down to 16.  Going from 64 to 16 in just four days really is exciting and fast paced.

March Madness odds are also interesting because you also have the underdog factor.  You have teams that are true Cinderella stories winning games in the tournament.   March Madness continues when the top teams meet each other in the Elite Eight and Final Four. It is always great to see a Cinderella beating a power but the real ratings and excitement comes from Kentucky facing Kansas.

Brackets also are appealing in March Madness because of the many contests.  Many people have office pools where every game of the tournament is picked. Everyone has a chance to win these contests since anything can happen.  Experts don’t know any more than the average person when it comes to March Madness odds. The winners of many of these contests know very little about college basketball.  Anything can happen in the NCAA Tournament.  Picking a perfect bracket is next to impossible so everyone truly does have a chance whether they are an expert at college basketball or not.

The first round is great when you talk about March Madness brackets.  There are so many games on the board and they have a lot of appeal.  In fact, those first two days are the two most popular betting days of the year at sportsbook around the world.  That is how big March Madness is.  It outdoes the Super Bowl in many respects because there are multiple games.  The month of March is special and has a universal appeal that is simply not duplicated in other sports.

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