Big Ten in March Madness Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting can be profitable if you learn to avoid certain teams and sometimes certain conferences.

The Big Ten has been a disaster in recent tournaments and a conference that has continually cost bettors money in March Madness betting.

March Madness betting is done by both public and professional gamblers. The typical college basketball bettor is far more hard-core, knowledgeable, and serious than the typical crowd that lays down cash on pro football games. College basketball is a niche sport for gamblers and with so many teams involved, the “sharps” are often able to isolate weak lines in March Madness betting. March Madness betting oddsmakers will privately confess that the challenge of setting good lines in the March Madness bracket is not always easy.  That is especially true with the small to mid-level conferences. 
With March Madness betting there is a lot of activity from the public and usually the public bets the well know teams.  That can include Indiana, Michigan State, Purdue, etc.  These are all Big Ten teams and in recent seasons the Big Ten has not done well in the March Madness bracket.

There is no doubt that the big conferences like the Big Ten, Pac-10, ACC, SEC and Big East get a lot of attention from March Madness betting gamblers. Some conferences are better bets than others in March Madness betting.  While the Big Ten has a reputation as a tough conference that doesn’t always translate well into the March Madness bracket.  Michigan State, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio State, Michigan, Purdue and Minnesota have traditionally been poor against the spread in March Madness betting.  When you add up such notorious programs with the anonymity of their tournament opponents you have lack of value and lost cash even when the Big Ten teams win their games outright.  Finding pointspread value with Big Ten teams in the March Madness bracket is oftentimes very difficult.  That is even more the case when the teams in the conference are laying points.  Favorites don’t do all that well in March Madness anyway and that particularly applies to the Big Ten teams.

Keep in mind that March Madness betting gives you a lot of opportunities for profit.  Be very wary about taking Big Ten teams with so many other options on the March Madness betting board.