Big March Madness Betting Money at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting money totals in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

There are so many people looking and wagering on March Madness odds that the numbers are staggering.  Some people have said that the March Madness betting numbers run into the billions, but whether or not that is true or not, there is no doubt that big money is wagered on March Madness odds.

March Madness betting is so popular that people all over the world look at the March Madness odds each year.  A recent poll showed that almost half of Americans expected to enter some sort of March Madness betting pool this year.  ESPN had more than 25 million people enter their March Madness pool this year.  And they are just one of many websites that offer March Madness challenges.  Yahoo, Fox, CNN and others have their contests as well.

Gamblers bet on March Madness odds more than any other type of sporting event other than the Super Bowl.  In terms of March Madness betting dollars, the numbers top the Super Bowl since you are talking about multiple games instead of just one.  March Madness betting can include the conference tournament games but even if they don’t, the NCAA Tournament has 63 games plus the play-in game in March Madness betting.  That is a lot of games within a three-week period which means a lot of March Madness betting money.

The most popular two betting days of the entire year are the Thursday and Friday when the odds heat up.  There are 32 games over those two days which means a lot of March Madness excitement.  The March Madness odds are also very exciting the following week with Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight games.  The next weekend is the Final Four which always attracts a huge amount of attention.

The NCAA title game is not quite on the level of the Super Bowl but it does get a lot of action in March Madness betting. There is the side, the total, and a number of propositions that are on the March Madness board.  There are not quite as many props as the Super Bowl but there are definitely some interesting options for the NCAA title game.

Money flows on March Madness like nothing else.  The 2009 NCAA Tournament will be no exception as everyone looks to get involved in March Madness betting.  Open a New Account and start your March Madness Betting action at SBG Global!

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