Beyond March Madness Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds will show you a great number of teams on the betting board and some of those teams you may not have heard of.

As you look to bet March Madness odds you should seriously consider looking beyond the marquee teams and look instead at some under the radar teams on the March Madness betting line.

March Madness odds will include a lot of teams that are just not very well known.  There will be teams from conferences that were not even on the board during the regular season.  You will see teams that won their conference tournaments from leagues like the SWAC and Northeastern that very few people follow. The March Madness odds makers that make the March Madness betting line don’t know much about these teams either. They also are not the best at following the added conferences like the Southern, Ohio Valley, etc.  As you look at March Madness odds you may want to consider these teams because they are so undervalued.

During the regular season some sportsbooks have what are called added games on the board.  These are games from smaller conferences that don’t get a lot of attention and have lower limits.  You will see some of these teams on the March Madness odds board.  Remember that anytime you see teams that normally have lower limits attached to them it means the sportsbook doesn’t want action. The March Madness odds makers know that they put out weak numbers on added games and that the only action they are likely to get is from wise guys.  The public is sure not going to bet teams they don’t know versus the March Madness betting line. You should also realize that since the numbers tend to be weaker for the games involving smaller conference teams we often see much more line movement in terms of the March Madness betting line.  March Madness odds makers must be aware of which teams the professionals are betting on and they must change their lines quickly. This is not always easy to do with March Madness odds.

Take a real serious look this season at the under the radar teams in March Madness odds.  They can really give you some excellent value in terms of March Madness odds and point you to winners.

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