Betting on Underdogs in the NCAA

February 9, 2015 NCAA Basketball

person dunking basketballAs we shed days off the February calendar, NCAA basketball betting revs up to March Madness. The tournament is upon us and now we shift our attention to the potential Cinderella stories and underdogs that could make a real splash this season. We have selected some of the teams that were not expected to make it during preseason and now, on the verge of the tournament, are on the spot to make it big.

First team that we will highlight is Butler. This team was expected to have a poor second season. However, they are tied for the second spot on the Big East. They have a 17-6 record, and some of the losses in their resume could have been prevented. They definitely have the talent and the resources to make a splash in the tournament.

In the Big Ten we have Maryland tied for the second spot. The Terrapins were not expected to have a good season, but here they are as a legitimate threat to the number one spot in a very tough conference. NCAA basketball betting fans should keep an eye on the Terrapinsin the tournament.

Notre Dame is currently placed at the number 2nd spot in the ACC. The Fighting Irish, struggled last season, and this time around they appear to be talking business. Their offense is impressive but yet they have not gotten the respect that they deserve from the media and some hoop fans. However, so far the only team that has been able to withstand their offensive flurry has been Virginia, a national tittle contending team.

Finally, the last team in our NCAA basketball betting underdog preview is Tulsa. Why? You may ask. It is because right after a great run on the tournament last season, Tulsa seems to be gearing up to do it again and going even further. They were not expected to make much of an impression this season, and they are proving the naysayers wrong by earning their number 1 spot in the American Conference, and looking good while doing it.

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