College Basketball Betting Action

College basketball betting can be your most successful type of sports betting at SBG Global.

Many gamblers look at NCAA basketball betting angles and trends when they look to pick winners. College basketball bettinggamblers at SBG Global oftentimes look to take the power teams when they are underdogs on the road.

This is the exact opposite of what the college basketball bettingpublic likes to do, as they prefer making overlays on these teams as home favorites. Power road dogs combine the aspects of a quality team along with value against the college basketball betting board, which is, more often than not, a winning combination.

Often times the so-called "home court advantage" is more myth than fact, especially when you take the college basketball betting pointspread at SBG Global into account as the college basketball betting oddsmaker will often overcharge for home chalks, especially when they are among the more respected programs.

Another angle to consider that college basketball betting gamblers like to look at involves the preseason and post season tournaments. Gamblers look to take the lesser known and more hungry team in matchups against the traditional powers in college basketball betting. The lesser known teams in these games usually have a chip on their shoulders and relish the opportunity to compete with a famous team. The lesser known teams in these NCAA basketball betting matchups are often getting more points than they actually deserve, and that makes them excellent values in college basketball betting.