Best March Madness Odds

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds are seen at online sportsbooks around the world during the month of March

If you want to win more money versus the March Madness betting line then getting the best odds is important.  Let’s look at how to get the best March Madness odds. March Madness odds are wagered against by many gamblers around the world. The best gamblers look for the best March Madness odds and they do that by line shopping.  That involves having more than one sportsbook to look at for March Madness odds.  Many gamblers don’t believe line shopping is important when considering the March Madness betting line. So, is it?  Some professional gamblers will not even play games versus the March Madness betting line unless they get the best March Madness odds.  You don’t have to take it to that extreme but you need to be aware that every half point, full point or more is important in March Madness odds.

It is important when looking at March Madness odds to get the best possible number and here is why.  You can turn a loss into a push which saves you money. You can turn a push into a win which makes you money.  You can also occasionally turn a loss into a win which is huge in all forms of sports betting.  That money will add up as you wager against the March Madness betting line.

Let’s say you have only one sportsbook account though.  Can you still get the best March Madness odds?  Yes.  If you are quick and following line moves you can bet before the line moves.  One tip to consider in making this happen is betting the favorites early and the underdogs late.  This really applies in football but it also applies in basketball.  Also keep in mind as you look for the best odds that money can be made in various ways.  You might have a sportsbook that has a lower vig or offers special incentives during March Madness.  These advantages make you money.  You might have free contests, etc.  This all goes into getting the best March Madness odds. The goal when wagering versus March Madness odds is to make money.  Whether you line shop, bet at a certain time or take advantage of special sportsbook incentives, the goal is to win money.

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