2007-2008 Auburn Tigers NCAA Basketball Lines

NCAA basketball lines odds rarely give Auburn much credit. That is surprising considering the Tigers have been just about as good as Alabama and Arkansas in the SEC.

basketball lines on Auburn could be interesting this season as the Tigers return their top eight scorers from last season. NCAA basketball lines experts remember that Auburn had five players average between 11.0 and 12.5 points per game last season.  They should be complemented by 7-1, 275 pounds center Boubacar Sylla.  He has great long term potential.  Tyrell Lynch is another newcomer who may impact the NCAA basketball lines.  Quan Prowell is the best long range shooter on the team but is a forward and that does not always work well.

Josh Dollard led the team with 12.5 points and 7 rebounds per game according to NCAA basketball lines stats.  Korvotney Barber is a quality big man down low according to basketball lines experts.  Matt Heramb and Lucas Hargrove provide depth off the bench according to experts that look at the NCAA basketball lines.  The front line has talent but how well they can actually score is another question.

The backcourt is led by Frank Tolbert according to NCAA basketball lines experts.  Rasheem Barrett has potential to be a solid shooting guard but experts that look at NCAA basketball lines experts are taking a wait and see approach.  Quantez Robertson and Dewayne Reed are both erratic and need to improve according to NCAA basketball lines experts.  Archie Miaway will provide some experience off the bench according to basketball lines experts.  The problem for Auburn in the backcourt is similar to the frontcourt is that there are not enough good shooters.

NCAA basketball lines experts see a starting lineup of Quantez Robertson and Frank Tolbert at the guards.  NCAA basketball lines experts see Quan Prowell and Josh Dollard at forwards and Korvotney Barber in the middle.  What will hurt Auburn according to NCAA basketball lines experts is an injury to Barber that will cause him to miss time.  The other main problem according to basketball lines experts is that Auburn just can’t shoot.On paper Auburn should have a decent season but the problems with shooting and no superstar player may mean another NIT season for the Tigers in 2007-2008 according to NCAA basketball lines experts.