March Madness Betting & Final four betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting excites gamblers both old and new each March as the best teams in college basketball make up the March Madness brackets.

Anyone that’s ever made a March Madness bet or participated in one form of March Madness betting of one sort of another can attest to that. This year, with the March Madness brackets still several weeks from being printed up, the field of NCAA basketball teams is shaping up to create one of the more intriguing March Madness betting seasons we’ve seen in some time.

March Madness betting is always thrilling but it seems that some years it’s simply better than others.  Last year’s March Madness betting could be characterized as a less than spectacular year for fans of NCAA March Madness brackets.  Although it was a great thing to witness the University of Florida become one of the few back-to-back champs in the history of the sport, the March Madness betting lacked the exiting match ups and upsets that fans making March Madness bets love to see.

In fact, aside from the title game of the March Madness Final Four, which featured a whole mess of lottery picks, March Madness gambling fans were, in general disappointed.  The Final Four March Madness action was interesting because of the talent level featured in the title game but other than that the March Madness Gambling action and the March Madness bet scene left some things to be desired.

But this year’s March Madness betting looks to be different.  In this year’s offering of March Madness gambling and March Madness bet action there looks to be far more uncertainty heading into the tournament and that should make for some very interesting March Madness betting.  March Madness betting fans are drawn to the sport for its unpredictability and its propensity for upsets and many March Madness gambling experts are already predicting that 2008 will be full of unpredictable outcomes.

For anyone looking to make a March Madness bet that’s great news.  After a somewhat disappointing year in 2007 where the top teams flourished and the March Madness betting proved to be all too predictable a change of pace would be welcome.  That’s not to say that there aren’t any dominant teams heading into the March Madness betting action this season, on the contrary, but what makes the promise of the March Madness betting in 2008 more attractive is the fact that there seems to be a large amount of parity among the second and third tier teams.

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