2009 March Madness Odds Start Early at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

2009 March Madness odds will actually begin with the college basketball post-season conference tournaments.

Some of these tournaments actually begin in late February but can be included in March Madness betting. Let’s take a look at these tournaments in 2009 March Madness odds.

2009 March Madness odds for many people only include the NCAA Tournament but for other bettors the conference tournaments and the NIT are also part of March Madness betting. The college basketball post-season conference tournaments can be very exciting and interesting to handicap in 2009 March Madness odds. There are the factors of letdowns, redemption, second chances and just plain surprises that make these events very unpredictable. For the serious bettor, however, the college basketball conference tournaments are a great opportunity to make money in March Madness betting.

Incentive is a major handicapping factor that must be considered when evaluating potential wagers on college basketball conference tournament 2009 March Madness odds. A legitimate question for a handicapper to ask is “what incentive does team x have in this tournament since they already won the regular season?” Oftentimes a conference champion will slip a notch in its conference tournament, particularly when up against hungry opponents whose only hope of making the NCAA Tournament is to win their conference tourney. Even if the regular season champ is up against a weak team in a conference tournament game, they will often be such a large favorite against the 2009 March Madness odds that they offer no value and may win and yet not cover the 2009 March Madness odds.
What happens when you notice in 2009 March Madness odds a team playing another team for the third time in conference tournament action? Perhaps Team A barely beat out Team B for its regular season conference title and now they meet in the conference tournament championship game in 2009 March Madness odds. Team B has all of the incentive and likely the points as well against the 2009 March Madness odds.

Motivation is not as much of a factor in the mid major to small conferences as it is replaced by the fear factor. The regular season champions of these types of conferences are not always guaranteed a spot in the Big Dance and must prove themselves all over again in the conference tournament. Oftentimes a lesser team or even a team with a losing record will put together a run to win the tournament and blindside the regular season champs, as well as handicappers in March Madness betting.

Conference tournaments are definitely an exciting part of 2009 March Madness odds.
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