2009 March Madness Odds & Conference Tourneys at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

2009 March Madness odds actually begin well before the NCAA Tournament with conference tournaments.

These start in late February and continue right up until the Sunday when the NCAA Tournament field and 2009 March Madness odds are announced. Let’s take a look at how important these conference tournaments are in March Madness betting.

2009 March Madness odds can be influenced by conference tournament results. Some teams have done very well in March Madness betting after winning their tournaments. Last year North Carolina, Kansas and Memphis rolled through their conference tournaments and got #1 seeds in the NCAA Tourney. All three of them made the Final Four. It doesn’t always have to be that way in 2009 March Madness odds though since exceptions do happen. Last year Louisville lost their conference tournament yet they made the Elite Eight in March Madness betting, rolling through their first three games.

The big thing with conference tournaments in 2009 March Madness odds is that they will show teams with momentum. Louisville was the exception, not the rule. You rarely want to be betting on a team in 2009 March Madness odds that flopped in their conference tournament. Teams have a tough time turning things around on short notice. It is far better to have a team playing well heading into the tourney as you look at 2009 March Madness odds.

There are actually 30 conference tournaments that provide you with excellent 2009 March Madness odds. The one conference that gets an automatic bid without a conference tournament is the Ivy League which awards a bid to the regular season winner. All of the other conferences play season ending tournaments and these are very exciting in March Madness betting odds.

2009 March Madness odds will be on the sportsbook betting board just after the matchups are announced on Sunday, March 15th. Don’t forget as you look at these 2009 March Madness odds to look at how a team played in their conference tournament. Teams that are playing well should be very dangerous teams in 2009 March Madness odds.

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