2009 March Madness Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting odds, or the price a gambler must pay to play March Madness games, and how to analyze their value, are the mere essence of this challenging endeavor.

Like in other sports, the sportsbooks simply make March Madness odds to attract equal attention to both sides. Traditional powers such as Duke, Kansas, and North Carolina, therefore, will likely be poor values against the March Madness betting line since they are “name” or “public” teams that naturally attract a lot of money to their sides.

March Madness betting can involve taking underdogs. Duke and Kansas have impeccable reputations for being tough at home but gamblers who can find a good team to match up against them on a neutral court such as March Madness betting, will often end their days with a successful and profitable trip to the window.

Hidden gems from the “mid-major” conferences are another smart way to gain an edge with March Madness betting odds. But one cannot overplay this March Madness betting card. Utah has often filled the role of a reliable Mid-major underdog in March Madness odds as has Marquette, who made a final four appearance not long ago. Putting together a reliable list of solid mid-majors is an excellent way to gain an edge against the March Madness betting odds.

The one advantage and or edge you can find with March Madness betting is that there are so many games and teams that information is paramount. It is often a wise idea to pick a select group of teams from different conferences to focus on in March Madness odds, whether it is to bet for or against these teams, and to pay close attention to this group that you choose rather than try and follow the entire March Madness betting brackets, which very few people can do a thorough job with.

March Madness betting odds can be exploited if you take the emotional equation of this exciting sport into account. Far more so than the pro game, college basketball has an intimate and emotional dynamic that is impossible to duplicate in the NBA and there is no better example of that than in March Madness betting.

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