2009 Early Season NCAA Basketball Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA Basketball betting has four different segments within its entire season.

These four segments are the preseason, conference season, conference tournaments and then the post-season tournaments, (NCAA and National Invitational Tournament).  Each segment offers different challenges and requires different approaches to win at college basketball betting including the early part of the year.

NCAA basketball betting in the early part of the year has non-conference games and the tournaments such as the preseason National Invitational Tournament, Maui Classic, Alaskan Shootout and others. Handicapping the early stages of the NCAA basketball betting season and making good picks is difficult.  Add factors such as neutral site games along with other different factors and this early part of the season can be difficult in NCAA basketball betting.

Very often when you see college basketball betting odds during the early season the NCAA basketball betting oddsmaker will inflate the line for marquee teams such as Kansas, Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina even if these teams suffered losses during the off season.  The big names are all that matter when people look at the NCAA basketball betting line and whether or not they lost players is irrelevant to much of the betting public.  On the other side of that coin you have lesser known teams returning many players and they still get ignored by the college basketball betting public.

As you look at NCAA basketball betting during the early part of the year, you always want to be aware of those home court tournaments. Rarely does a home team lose their own invitational tournament.  You might not be able to bet on this team because they are overpriced in college basketball betting but you probably don’t want to be going against them in NCAA basketball betting.

The difficulty for many people in NCAA basketball betting during the early part of the season is trying to know which team will be motivated when playing these non-conference games.  There are very few conference games during the early part of the NCAA basketball betting season so that means you have a lot of games where motivation will be different for both teams.  Non-conference games sometimes mean a lot to a team but other times it is just a practice game for other teams.  If you are going to get involved in NCAA basketball betting during the early season you need to be cautious and you should tread lightly. 

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