2008 First Round March Madness Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting popularity has exploded at online sportsbooks.

There is no doubt now that the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament is one of the most popular of the entire year.  Let’s look at some factors to consider in the first round of the March Madness bracket.

March Madness betting is full of challenges. The smaller schools sometimes get overlooked but in the tournament they are always a threat and sometimes provide great value in March Madness betting. Look what George Mason did in the 2006 tournament in terms of March Madness betting. Bucknell’s straight up win and cover against Kansas in the first round of the 2005 NCAA Tournament is still talked about. Bucknell was a generous underdog in that game and, although no one could see their straight up win, they were a good value in the March Madness bracket.  Sometimes the marquee teams are overlays early in March Madness betting. On the other side of this coin is the heavy favorite in the opening round of the tournament. Sometimes these big favorites are an okay play in the early round because the teams they are playing are seeded 15 or 16 in the March Madness bracket. It is very difficult for the 15 or 16 seeded team to win a game and covering in March Madness betting is also sometimes a problem. The better coached teams often will be prepared for those games and could offer decent value if you are willing to lay the points required in March Madness betting.

The March Madness betting gambler can find value in other areas of the early part of the tournament. Although the big favorites when you see the #1 against the #16 and the #2 against the #15 may offer a little value, the rest of the seedings usually point toward the underdogs. That is particularly true in the 5-12 matchup where the underdog has not only covered a great deal, but also won outright in the March Madness bracket. The same thing can hold true for the 4-13 matchup and the 6-10 matchup. Taking the underdog is not a bad way to go in any of those matchups in March Madness betting.

It is important in March Madness betting to really be prepared during the early rounds of the tournament. There will be a lot of live dogs to look at in the first round and some good money can be made if you study the matchups and the teams in March Madness betting.

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