2008 Final Four Line Notes at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Final Four line notes for 2008 show that #1 seeds are as strong as they have ever been.

Some seasons the March Madness odds show that #1 seeds are weak but that is not the case in 2008. The nine combined losses of the #1 seeds are the fewest for a set of #1 seeds since the 1988 season. And that is very impressive considering teams play more games than they did back then.

Final Four line odds should have the most talented group of teams in a long time. In addition to powerful #1 seeds you have two teams in Texas and Tennessee that in most years would be #1 seeds and powerful teams in the Final Four line. Even though the 2008 #1 seeds are extremely powerful it is still unlikely all four will make the Final Four as it has not happened since the tournament went to 64 teams. In fact, the last time three #1 seeds all made the Final Four in March Madness odds was in 1999.

The 2008 Final Four line will probably include two or three #1 seeds. Perhaps it can make history and include all four #1 seeds in the Final Four line but that seems unlikely, especially with the strength of #2 and #3 seeds like Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin in March Madness odds. The 2008 season could be a historic one with the powerful teams headed for the Final Four.

If you are looking at Final Four line odds for the 2008 tourney you should remember that coaches like Roy Williams of North Carolina and Bill Self of Kansas have had great success. John Calipari has also done quite well in the tournament with Memphis as has Ben Howland with UCLA The #1 seeds look very formidable in Final Four line odds for the 2008 tourney. Once the Final Four line odds are set you can pretty safely assume that a #1 seed will advance to the title game. Once in the title game it is also likely that #1 seed will win it versus March Madness odds.

As you look at the 2008 Final Four line remember to keep some history in mind and remember that the best teams usually win.

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