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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA betting odds are definitely wagered on popular teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics more often than teams like the Washington Wizards or Los Angeles Clippers.

The handicapper that bets NBA odds should often take a long-term approach and look to quality teams, quality players, and quality coaches but at the same time not lay too many points with the marquee teams.

NBA betting odds are always tilted toward the popular teams. The Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Mavericks and others get a lot of attention in NBA betting odds. That doesn’t mean they always win though. And it does not mean they are winning teams for you when betting the NBA betting odds. Just because a team wins straight up does not mean they cover the spread. This is a critical point to remember as you bet NBA odds. You might not think Oklahoma City is any good but if they are covering the NBA betting odds more than 60% of the time they are a winning team for you. The Lakers might win 70% or more of their games straight up but if they have a losing record against the NBA betting odds they are not a winning team for you.

As you look at NBA betting odds it is also important to understand which teams continue to go nowhere. The Los Angeles Clippers have been a disaster year after year with poor ownership, poor coaching and poor players. They are always getting a lot of points but that doesn’t mean they are a winning team for gamblers wagering on NBA betting odds.

The NBA is a long-term grind for bettors so it makes sense to begin your focus by looking at teams that win for you when you play the NBA betting odds. A team like Utah is almost always going to be consistent at home versus the NBA betting odds because of their home court edge. A team like Dallas is almost always going to be overvalued, especially at home because of their high profile owner.

Winning against the NBA betting odds is not always with teams you might think. Always keep in mind that straight up wins mean nothing to you as a gambler. You are interested in covering the NBA odds, period. Reputations and straight up wins mean nothing. You want teams that win cash for you versus the NBA betting odds. Those are your winning teams.

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