What to make of the NBA Trade Deadline

February 19, 2015 NBA Basketball

player laying up basketballIf you are an NBA betting fan and tune out for some reason during the All-Star game (for whatever strange and bizarre reason), you could find that of Thursday night there might be something off about the NBA, like a strange sense that something changed. If you get that feeling you will be right, it is the Trade deadline and many teams will be looking to bulk up in players to make the best out of their squads for the rest of the season. What can you expect for it to happen?

Although anything can happen when it comes to trades, there are some of players that will be packing up and changing zip codes in the foreseeable future. NBA Betting fans have come accustomed to this. Perhaps the players most likely to move will be from the Denver Nuggets. Denver is coming to face the harsh reality that this team will not reach the playoffs. The Nuggets’ front office will want to move some chips around and start preparing for next season. To do so, they have two assets that they could use in their favor: Ty Lawson and Arron Affalo, both these players are talented and have earned the interest from many different NBA teams around the league. There are rumors that Lawson is linked to the Houston Rockets and Affalo is linked to the Sacramento Kings. There is another trade that could happen within the next few hours. The Brooklyn Nets will likely move Brook Lopez to the Oklahoma City Thunder the question is will they use Reggie Jackson to make this trade happen.

Finally to round up this trade landscape for NBA Betting, there is a rumored trade possibility for the Phoenix Suns. They are likely to trade Goran Dragic, who is a player that could be highly coveted by many teams in the league, including big market teams who are struggling this season, like the Lakers and the Knicks. The Indiana Pacers have been also interested in getting Dragic.

Besides these trades, there is little possibility of over the top, blockbuster trades, but given how the NBA tends to be at times: “Expect the unexpected”.

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