Western Conference Final Moves to Oklahoma City tied 1-1

October 29th, 2019 NBA Basketball

Online betting favorites Golden State Warriors rained down an ungodly firestorm upon the Oklahoma City Thunder. We’re talking scorched earth. They massacred them. But you already know that. In fact, you already knew it before it even happened. It was yesterday’s news the day prior. It was as expected as thunder is expected after lightning. Speaking of which, people betting on basketball known that lightning doesn’t usually strike twice – and apparently neither does Oklahoma Thunder for that matter, at least not two times in a row. The real story here remains OKC’s game 1 win.

Online betting on basketball has a lot to do with math, but sometimes things add up to more than the sum of their parts. The practical way of looking at the current state of the NBA playoffs Western Conference Final heading for game 3 this Sunday at Chesapeake Energy Arena is that the series is tied 1-1, so what we’ve got is a clean slate. We’re back to square one, just like starting over. But it would be a huge mistake to pretend that what has transpired so far never happened. The fact remains that the Thunder did deal the Warriors a massive blow in Game 1, and like the blood stain on the floor just by the fireplace, that doesn’t wash off so easily.

0-0 is not the same as 1-1, and what’s more, sometimes 2+2=5. That is to say, the series may be tied but the Oklahoma Thunder still has the psychological advantage, if not the online betting favoring odds (GS is the favorite at -145). Sure, game 2 was a blowout, but sometimes you just have to tie yourself to the mast and weather the storm. Looking at the big picture, the Thunder’s trip to Oakland was an all-round success, and their 108-102 in game 1 trumps Golden State’s 118-91 in game 2. And the reason for that is simple; the latter is par for the course, but the former was like Superman rewinding the Earth.

Make no mistake, though; if the Thunder had been able to make it 2-0, that would have been gangbusters. But you gotta count your blessings, and game 1 was nothing short of a miracle. Another miracle is that Stephen Curry may or may not have injured his shooting elbow in game 2. Apparently it was nothing, and it would schadenfreude-y of Oklahoma that it is something, but this is professional sports we’re talking about, and if the Thunder wins by attrition – well a win is a win is a win. All that’s left is to look forward to game 3 on Sunday and see how the balance of power shifts after the geographical move.

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