Warriors win Title in Game 6

December 19th, 2019 NBA Basketball

This past Tuesday night in Cleveland the Warriors of Golden State ended their 2015 season with an emotional win over the Cavaliers of Cleveland with a NBA Finals Game 6 victory at 105-97, and their A. Iguodala won the Most Valuable Player of the tournament. He’s the 1st to win the award that never started 1 game in the regular 2015 season for the Warriors.

So let’s take a look at the top moments of these Finals for the 2015 NBA, starting with the 1st Game that they say drew the 1st blood that was the start of the Warriors uphill struggle against LeBron and the Cavaliers. The Warriors of Golden State won this 1st game on their home court beating the Cavaliers 108-100 as the 2015 NBA MVP Curry had assist and scored 26 points as the Warriors took a 1-0 lead in the Series.

In the 2nd Game in California the Cavaliers needed LeBron to take the lead since, Irving would not start, and he did just that as he led the Cavaliers to a 95-93 win in OT to tie the series at 1-1. He was incredible in that game while performing a triple/double with 11 assists with 16 rebounds and scoring 39 points. That was only the 4tj time this season the Warriors lost at their home court, the Oracle Arena, in a game the fans expected Golden State to win.

Then the 3rd Game now in Cleveland, it was LeBron and the Cavaliers time to take the lead in the Series, and they did as they beat the Warriors 96-91 in that 3rd Game as LeBron scored some 40 points. Another hero in the game was M. Dellavedova who replaced Irving, had 20 points and did a great job containing the Warriors Curry who started hitting his shots late in the game, but was too little just too late to overcome the Cavaliers. Now the Cavaliers led the Series after game 3 at 2-1.

The 4th Game was also in Cleveland and the Cavaliers now trailing their Coach Kerr made some changes to go small, and starting Iguodala proved to be effective, with Iguodala defending LeBron. Thus, the Warrior rolled past Cleveland in that game 4 at 103-82 to tie the series at 2-2, as LeBron only scored 20 points while Iguodala and Curry both scored 22 points in the game.

In the 5th Game with the Series tied and the start of a very important game, in was time for a showdown between 2 NBA MVP’s in Curry and LeBron. What was amazing in the 5th game was LeBron had his 2nd Triple/Double of the playoffs with 11 assists, 14 rebounds and 40 points, but the Warriors S. Curry and his 3-pointers for 37 points beat the Cavaliers in Game 5 at 104-91. Leaving Cleveland, with the task if winning the upcoming Game 6 and force a 7th Game.

In this 6th Game the Warriors stuck gold as the team’s roster depth and health of the team turned out to be too much for the Cavaliers, who were depleted and running out of gas. The 6th Game ended with 5 different Golden State players having double/digit scores as the Warriors won the 6th Game at 105-7 with D. Green having a Triple/Double for the Warriors. No. LeBron did not give up as he was just 1 assist short of his 3rd Triple/Double in the playoffs win 9 assists, 18 rebounds and 32 points

The key moment and strategy in this playoff series was starting A. Iguodala from the 7th game forward as he defended LeBron, as he made his own 3-pointers, great dunks and nice passes as he did it all for the Warriors, and in return was nominated as the 2015 NBA Playoffs MVP.

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