Warriors (minus Curry) still online betting favs

November 1st, 2019 NBA Basketball

Warriors (minus Curry) still online betting favorites at Sportsbook.  Having a player of the enormous talent of Steph Curry would make even the L.A. Lakers online betting darlings. But not having him available for the past five games appears to only have strengthened the Golden State Warriors this season. Not having their superstar player gave this team a chance to shine together as a unit, all the while showcasing that individually they are a pretty damn good bunch of basketball players.

With Curry’s presence for Game 3 still up in the air, the current line for Saturday night’s game between Warriors and Blazers has Golden State as -3 (-110) favorites at SBG Global Sportsbook. Two important takeaways on that piece of info: 1- the game is being played AT Portland and 2- Steph Curry has only been rumored to play, but so far the word out of Golden State is that he is not ready yet. That means that the Warriors without Curry are acknowledge as the basketball force that they are.

Should Curry and the Warriors announce that he will be eligible to play on Saturday you will see a very significant jump on the spread. Let’s not forget, the Warriors are good with Curry, but they are even better if he is on the court.

But moving past the series at hand, the Warriors are also the -165 favorites to win  the highly contested Western conference. And beyond that, they are the -110 favorites to win the NBA Championship (both these online betting odds are posted in SBG Global Sportsbook).

The Portland Blazer will have their hands full this Saturday, as they are likely to come out swinging. Damian Lilliard is a bonafied stud (…and you can’t teach that) and he lead a very mighty charge in game two at Oracle Arena, that forced Klay Thompson and the Warriors to bring out the big guns to get the win. Lilliard will get a shot at Golden State again, but this time in Portland. There, the Blazers are yet to loose a game during the playoffs and during the regular season they held a record of 28-13 at the Moda Center. Granted, when the Clippers went to Portland, they were down two very important men on their starting 5, but still the Blazers are strong when they are at home.

Also, in their regular season confrontations, the Blazer have beaten the Warriors (Curry and all) once. One win might not seem like much, but when you consider Golden States massive record breaking season, that win that the Blazers had over then is a point worth noting. The question now is, will the Blazers be able to prevent a sweep elimination? Sadly for Blazer’s fans, it doesn’t seem like it.

Game 3 is going to be dominated by the Warriors, regardless if Steph Curry plays or not. Online betting odds also considers that this game will be a high scoring affair as the Total line for this game has been set initially at 211. We sense that this game might be a low scoring one, going for the Under as Portland will likely focus more on containing the Warriors, rather than trading buckets. Nonetheless, it’s going to be a fun game to watch.

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