Unpredictable Playoff NBA Betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA betting in the playoffs is oftentimes unpredictable.

Anything can happen in the playoffs and just because a team dominated in the regular season does not mean they will be winners in playoff basketball betting.

NBA betting odds definitely get more attention than regular season odds since all of the games are on television.  The marquee teams are favored in the playoffs but that doesn’t mean they always win.  The Lakers were heavily favored against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round of this year’s playoffs and they didn’t cover every game.  Nothing is really impossible when it comes to the NBA Playoffs. 

Past history has shown that anything can happen in the playoffs.  In the NBA Finals a few years a back it was the Los Angeles Lakers playing the Detroit Pistons and it was the Pistons who surprised the Lakers.  Look at what happened a few years ago when 8th seed Golden State upset top seed Dallas. The Warriors were given very little chance to win that series in NBA betting but they shocked the world.  Teams rarely have no chance in a series when it comes to the NBA Playoffs.

A few years back it was the Miami Heat winning the NBA Finals against the Dallas Mavericks. And they did it after losing the first two games of the series.  Not only did Miami come back to win the series they won the next four games.  That was as unpredictable as it gets in basketball betting. Nothing is impossible when it comes to the NBA Playoffs.

As you bet the games in this year’s NBA Playoffs you need to expect the unexpected.  Unlike regular season action, different things happen in the playoffs.  There is no travel factor since the teams play on the same schedule.  Rest is not a factor since the teams travel on the same days. Some of the things you looked at in the regular season simply don’t apply in the playoffs.  What you want to focus on more is matchups.  If a team can’t handle a particular matchup it is unlikely that will change in the series.

Also keep in mind that if the public likes a team in the playoffs they are going to have overvalued odds. The public rarely changes sides in a series until it is too late.  Keep that in mind as you look at the NBA Playoffs.

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