The Travel Factor in Basketball Betting at SBG Global

September 26th, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting involves looking at a number of different factors including travel. NBA basketball betting is a little bit different than football betting because the teams play so many more games. If we can look at the travel factor we may be able to find some good spots to win money in online basketball gambling.

Basketball gaming gives you a lot of chances to look at the travel factor. Some basketball betting handicappers base their entire handicapping on the travel factor. Some teams will play three games in four nights and that can make going against them a very good idea. There are people that do nothing but bet the travel factor in online basketball betting.

NBA basketball betting is a nightly event and that is something we need to remember. There is no way a team can be rested and ready for all 82 games. It is just too much. There will be spots when teams are not rested and ready to play. It is those spots we can exploit for profit in NBA basketball betting. There are many times that teams will go to places like Utah or Denver having played the night before and run out of gas in the fourth quarter. The travel factor is one part of the equation and the other part in those two cities is the thin air.

When you look at your NBA basketball betting it is a really good idea to look at the schedule in advance. Many times you will see teams facing brutal stretches during the schedule where they are going to be fatigued. There is no way around it. Playing against these teams is definitely something you want to consider in online basketball betting. For many seasons it was an automatic play to take the Utah Jazz at home when a team came into the Delta Center having played the night before. The Jazz were money in the bank. It could be that Denver will be another great situational play in future years in online basketball gaming.

There are many basketball betting strategies out there, but the travel strategy is one that has been tried and proven through the years in basketball betting. It is that type of strategy that you really want to focus on and make money with in basketball wagering . Some of the others may not withstand the test of time in basketball betting, but wagering against fatigued teams has.

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