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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA odds are definitely more popular with pointspread sides than with totals but the facts are that totals can be more profitable for the bettor.

Many sportsbooks will tell you that they continually lose money on totals in NBA betting odds. Let’s look at the reasons for that and how you can make money betting totals in NBA odds.

NBA odds have pointspread and totals. Why are NBA totals easier to beat than NBA sides? Many sportsbooks are not happy with the numbers that they get from the odds services that supply them with daily lines. Most sportsbooks don’t make their own numbers, they rely upon a few sources to give them their numbers, and then they adjust them. The only reason that a sportsbook takes totals at all in NBA odds is because they have little choice. The problem for the book is that the average bettor still doesn’t bet many totals and that is definitely the case in NBA betting odds. Most sportsbooks take much lower limits on the total than on the side in NBA odds.

NBA totals move more than any other type of wager. Wise guys hammer NBA totals with regularity and the sportsbook runs the risk of getting totally one sided with action in NBA odds. Another problem is that after totally getting one sided with action in NBA betting odds they face the possibility of getting middled. Sportsbooks hate getting middled. If an NBA total has moved 5 or 6 points, which is not uncommon, some professionals will buy back the other side looking for a middle versus the NBA odds.

Sportsbooks like the NBA for the most part because they do get some public action versus the NBA odds. The NBA has public teams just like the NFL does. That always appeals to a sportsbook. The problem for the books is that NBA totals don’t have much public support. The NBA odds are usually bet by professional wagering players and that is a problem for the book.

If you want to make money versus the NBA odds then you really should take a look at totals. You might not be able to always follow the line moves but if you happen to have a feel for the totals in NBA betting odds you can probably tag along a little bit with the pros. Betting NBA totals is definitely something to consider if you want to get involved in wagering against NBA odds and add money to your bankroll.

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