Top Heavy NBA Playoffs Odds at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA Playoffs odds have become top heavy in recent seasons with powerful teams like the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers leading the way.

There used to be a time in NBA Playoffs betting when you could take the loser of the previous game in the playoffs and bet them in their next game. It was called the Zig-Zag theory and made gamblers a lot of money, but no more.

NBA Playoffs odds have such power teams that it is tougher now to get value with the underdogs after a loss. You can still do it sometimes in NBA Playoffs betting but it sure isn’t the moneymaker it used to be. Another factor that has hurt this theory is simply time. The NBA Playoffs odds makers can get caught for a little while but eventually they do catch on to things. When a theory has been well known and popular you can rest assured that eventually the NBA Playoffs odds makers will adjust and they have. T Taking the losing team in their next game is no automatic win anymore against the NBA Playoffs odds.

What you should remember about the Zig-Zag theory as it applies to NBA Playoffs odds is that you must pick your spots more carefully. It was nice to be able to play every game but now you must also pay attention to situations and focus on all of the handicapping factors related to NBA Playoffs betting. You don’t get as many teams that will bounce back after a loss as in past seasons because the NBA is more top-heavy. Weaker teams can sometimes get pounded game after game. That is not good for a bounceback theory versus NBA Playoffs odds. It used to be that the first round of NBA Playoffs odds was a great time to use this theory but not anymore. The matchups are just not as 50-50 as they used to be. It is unlikely teams such as the Celtics or Lakers are going to lose in the first round of NBA Playoffs odds.

With any theory in NBA Playoffs betting you need to keep up to date. What works today may not work tomorrow and vice versa. NBA Playoffs odds are constantly being adjusted and you must keep up to win consistently. Keep that in mind as you wager against the NBA Playoffs odds this season.

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