The Wild West is Up For Grabs – NBA Playoffs Betting at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoffs betting in 2009 should be a truly unforgettable experience.

Not to say that the NBA playoffs odds aren’t exciting every year, but this year the Western Conference is going down to the wire with only the top seed already clinched in NBA playoffs betting. The LA Lakers have proven the class of the West all season long easily wrapping up home court advantage, but the rest of the playoff spots are still up for grabs on the final night of the NBA regular season.

NBA playoffs betting this year should be a real bag of cats in the West as teams scratch and claw for the final seedings in the NBA playoffs odds. Heading into the final game of the season there are four teams vying for the 2-5 seeds. Among these four NBA playoffs betting squads only one game separates them in the standings. That means that the NBA playoffs betting should be fantastic and the NBA playoffs odds makers will have their work cut out for them.

Among these four teams, there is no consensus among the NBA playoffs betting gurus as to which team has the inside track. Anyone of the Nuggets, Blazers, Spurs or Houston could not only pick up a choice NBA playoffs betting seed but probably even challenge the Lakers in the Western Conference NBA playoffs odds.

After this bottleneck in the NBA playoffs betting race it looks as if the Mavs, Hornets and Jazz will round out the NBA playoffs odds field in the West. And while these three teams lurk a few games back in the NBA playoffs betting standings, there’s really not much of a drop off in terms of talent. The Jazz, the likely eighth seed in the NBA playoffs betting are more than capable of reaching the conference finals as are the others. In fact, the regular season records mean little when the NBA playoffs betting begins.

For the first time in many NBA playoffs betting seasons, every team in the NBA playoffs betting has a legitimate shot at winning the conference. Obviously the Lakers are the favorites to take the NBA playoffs betting title in the West but no one would be surprised if they were upset by one of the talented lower seeds in this year’s NBA playoffs betting.

Be prepared for a roller coaster of West Coast action in the 2009 edition of the NBA playoffs betting.  Open a New Account and take a look at all of the choices for the 2009 NBA Playoffs available at SBG Global.

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