The Raptors Slump

March 11, 2015 NBA Basketball

Here is a NBA Basketball Betting axiom: The Toronto Raptors are unquestionably a good basketball team, and one of the best in the Eastern Conference. But the Eastern Conference isn’t exactly a plethora of talent this season, and the Raptors tend to have patches on inconsistency every now and then.

Toronto began the season strong, contending with the Atlanta Hawks for the number one spot in the conference, but after the All-Star Break, and with the rise of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the surprising form the Bulls are having despite their injuries, Toronto might have to shift their attention to securing their home court advantage on the Playoffs than to contend for the Number 1 spot. They went from being the Hunters to being the hunted.

Part of the uneven performance that the Raptors have experienced is due to some injury problems. The absence of some key players arguably might have cost them some wins that should have been theirs. NBA Basketball Betting fans and several pundits are not placing the Raptors as favorites to make it to the NBA finals, placing the Cavaliers and the Hawks above them.

One situation that the Raptors have is that despite having a god squad they are in dire need of more talent on their roster. Kyle Lowry is a star but when he is not on the court there isn’t much that the Raptors can do without him. They are able to play some solid defense and put numbers on the board on offense, but still there is a little something extra missing that is keeping this team from becoming stellar.

As for NBA Basketball betting, the Raptors are slumping, and after being beat at home by the Cavaliers, the question is if they will be able to find the stride they had at the beginning of the season. They will definitely make it to the playoffs, as the Eastern Conference overall poor performances shouldn’t be threat to them, but if they don’t begin to turns things around soon. It might hurt them later.

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