The Hawks clinch playoff spot

March 11, 2015 NBA Basketball

NBA Basketball betting fans probably had thought that the first team to clinch a playoff berth would be the Golden State Warriors, however the team with the current best record on the league is the Atlanta Hawks. Last night Mike Budenholzer’s team sealed their passport and guaranteed their presence to the 2015 NBA Playoffs. The run that Atlanta has been on for this regular season has been nothing short of memorable, and the way the capped of they secured their playoff spot was very fitting.

Last night the Hawks were facing the Houston Rockets, who did not have James harden on the squad due to a one-game suspension for kicking LeBron James below the belt. Houston was able to go up on the scoreboard to gather an 18 point lead at the second half, seriously threatening the Hawks’ winning streak of 4 games. Even though NBA Basketball Betting had the Hawks for favorites for last night’s game, many were anticipating an upset. That was not a smart move. Atlanta managed to obliterate that lead in a matter of minutes and be able to steal away the win 104-96. To give you an idea of their offensive dominance, the Hawks outscored Houston 32-15 in just the fourth quarter.

By clinching the playoff berth, and with their current record, the Hawks are making a case for themselves for the debate of the best team in the NBA with the Warriors and the emerging Cavaliers. NBA Basketball betting fans should keep them as favorites to reach the finals in June. The challenge for the Hawks now is to secure the top spot in the Eastern Conference and make sure that they get the much-coveted home court advantage. Considering the way the Hawks are playing, you can put your money that they will.

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