Suns acquisition NBA finals betting odds at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA finals betting odds makers are still unsold on the idea that the Suns are now a NBA finals betting bound team.

As any NBA finals betting odds fan knows the suns made huge -quite literally- trade in the hopes of landing in the NBA finals betting discussion once and for all. After several years, almost getting to the NBA finals betting odds the team made a controversial trade for the biggest player in the game (Shaquille O’Neal) in the hopes of booking a trip to the NBA finals betting.

NBA finals betting odds fans have not generally made up their minds about the trade either or how it will affect the Suns chances of being featured in the NBA finals betting odds. At first, the trade looked like an absolute flop and there was hardly anyone who thought it would result in an NBA finals betting odds birth. The Suns won only three of their first seven games and it looked as if the team might drop out of the race for the NBA finals betting odds all together. But once Shaq got acclimated to the team and healthy the NBA finals betting fortunes seemed to take turn for the better.

Now, the Suns are battling for one of the top seeds in the West and one of a handful of teams that are favored to challenge for a place in the NBA finals betting odds. After three great regular seasons that came up short in terms of NBA finals betting odds the team took a drastic step and shipped off disgruntled workhorse Shawn Marion in an all or nothing deal for the aging Aristotle. Shaq’s personal numbers have been abysmal but his affect on the team has been undeniable and the Suns management is hoping it will be enough to put the team in the NBA finals betting odds once and for all.

His front court mate Amare Stoudemire is on a tear thanks to the holes Shaq has opened up, the teams rebounding is up and it has piqued at the perfect time for NBA finals betting odds success. Foul trouble and free throws will be a huge concern for team as it battles for the NBA finals betting odds but as a recent drubbing of the defending champion Spurs suggests, this team is no longer soft in the middle and is a top contender for the NBA finals betting.

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