Sports Betting Preview of the Spurs vs. Thunder Series

November 4th, 2019 NBA Basketball

With all due respect to the Grizzlies and Mavericks, the Spurs and Thunder are finally going to get some competition on the NBA playoffs. Sport betting insiders are hyping this series to be the best basketball we will get to see in the second round as both teams have been very evenly matched throughout the regular season.  This could be a tight series that has the potential of going to a full seven games, and it really could go either way, but San Antonio does have a slight edge over Oklahoma City.

Currently the Series line reads:
Thunder +255
Spurs -310

It should be no surprise to anybody that San Antonio will start the series as favorites. They are a phenomenal team, with great depth. They are resourceful and they are experienced on post season against al types of opponents. Plus, they are well rested, and were waiting on the second round after they mercilessly dropped Memphis like a bad habit in 4 games. The Thunder, however, were picked by many including SBG Global Sportsbook, to sweep the Mavs, however that awful game 2 that Kevin Durant had, gave Dallas false hope and many delusional sport betting fans a scare to make them think that Dallas could upset Oklahoma City.

But that Game 2, did highlight a very obvious and troublesome truth about the Thunder. If Durant and/or Westbrook are not producing, they are very vulnerable. Their bench was not there for them that game and Dallas as bad as they are, barely beat them. That type of performance will just not fly versus the Spurs. If Oklahoma wants to beat San Antonio, they’ll need to be on point.

Practice Round for San Antonio

San Antonio’s first round was almost like practice. They demolished Memphis in the first to games and they coasted in game 3 and 4, to reach the second round. They barely broke a sweat. They had the chance to protect key players like Duncan, Leonard and Parker, while Aldridge, Green and Ginobili led the bench to stamp their passport to the second round first. Much more so than the heavily favorites by sport betting Golden State Warriors.

Game 1 of the series have the Spurs as the -6½ (-110) favorites. At home the Spurs have built an almost impenetrable fortress, that only fell to Curry and The Warriors in the final stages of the regular season, when Coach Pop was more concerned in resting his players than chasing fancy records. The Thunder, come from two formidable victories on the road, with extra motivation courtesy of Charlie Villanueva and Mark Cuban’s big mouth. Westbrook is going full beast mode, and his chemistry with Durant appears to be better than ever at the best possible timing. This is going to be a big scoring game on both ends.

The proverbial “x factor” of the series, is not a secret weapon, but is a player that will definitely make a difference for the rest of the playoffs, and that is Kawhi Leonard. The Defensive player of the year, will alternate from guarding Durant and Westbrook. What he lacks on excitement, he makes up for intensity in which he defends. He played a huge role on the Spur’s wrecking of the Grizzlies and he seems to be destined to face the Splash Bros in the Western Conference Finals. This series will go to 7 games with each team winning at home, but ultimately sports betting fans can expect the Spurs and Warriors dream-match taking place in the next round.

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