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Smart Gambler: Public Figures Large in NBA Basketball Betting

August 27th, 2018 NBA Basketball, Sportsbook

Few sports have more public influence than NBA basketball betting. First, this sport is much more known for individual superstars such as LeBron James.  Additionally, there are many myths regarding pro basketball.  Take the case of home court advantage.  As a matter of fact, the betting public likes to combine superstars and home court.  Along the same lines are favorites.  It follows that home court favorites receive a disproportionate amount of betting activity.  Correlate to this the factor of hype and social media.  Accordingly, you have some serious handicapping factors to consider.  At the same time value potential is real.

Cleveland Cavaliers

At the beginning the 2017-18 Cleveland Cavaliers serve as a great example.  Above all they had James, perhaps the game’s greatest superstar.  Second, they were coming off three consecutive appearances in the NBA Finals.  Most of all they were a media entity getting 24/7 hype.  Increasingly ESPN would bombard viewers with hype on the Cavaliers and James.  Thus, the general betting public was easily influenced.  Especially when the Cavaliers played at home.  Correspondingly it seemed Cleveland at home was a sure thing.  However, the linemaker was fully aware of all of this.  And then adjusted the line in response.

Stats on the Cavs

Most of all the NBA basketball betting dynamics would completely flip on Cleveland. To be exact the public bet the Cavaliers into the ground.  The price on Cleveland was adjusted to meet the gambling community’s market demand on Cavs at home.  Account of this was stunning.  To show Cleveland paid out in just 13 out of 41 home games vs. the line.  While the Cavaliers were en route to their fourth straight NBA final they were gushing red ink.  The end result was that the betting public overpaid time and again.  And blew itself up as a result.

Betting Value on Famous Stars

Naturally the general gambling community did not stop there.  Not by a long shot.  Consider the 2017-18 Golden State Warriors.  Superstar Stephen Curry and sidekick star Kevin Durant lit up the marquee.  The end result of three straight berths in the NBA Finals made the public salivate.  Not withstanding the star power and championship results was poor betting value.  Of little difference did that make to casual wagering players.  All they needed to hear was Curry, Durant and champion Warriors.  Simultaneously the oddsmakers drooled as well.  So too did they see opportunity.  In short, they saw blind suckers.

Golden State Warriors

Overall Golden State had a sportsbook record of just 16 home payouts in 41 games.  In turn the Warriors went on to win the NBA championship.  Summing up the public busted their bankrolls on the championship team’s home games.  Most important of all is to know that the oddsmakers know.  In spite of how good a team is you will often have to pay more than actual value on their games.  To bring to light the line is not based on what “Vegas thinks.”  In fact, the betting odds are based on what the public thinks.

Be smart with your online betting

Starting with NBA basketball betting the smart gambler will assess value.  To this end consider each pro basketball team like a stock.  It follows that stocks on the market are based on public perception.  Commencing with that the sharps can see an overlay from a mile away.  And in most cases top NBA teams with superstars will come with inflated prices.  Especially at home!

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