Situational Basketball Betting in the NBA Playoffs

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

The NBA playoffs give you a lot of situations to consider in basketball betting.

There are must-win games, long layoffs and other things to consider in playoffs NBA betting.  How you react to these situations can determine whether or not you win money.

Basketball betting in the playoffs is exciting and the games are fun to watch. A situation occurs in the playoffs that doesn’t occur in the regular season and that is the must-win game.  It also happens to the gambler who makes a must-win bet. People make bets with money they don’t really have and can’t really afford to lose.  It happens in all sports, including the NBA playoffs. There is no doubt that the playoffs are exciting, but that doesn’t mean you are going to win every bet. One of the great challenges is that a gambler is not only trying to overcome the house edge of ten-percent on each wager, but he is also trying just as hard to adjust to situations in the NBA playoffs.

Teams are going to be facing must-win games in the NBA playoffs but that does not mean the teams will win those games.  The same thing happens to a gambler.  Just because he needs to win a game doesn’t mean he will. If you are risking your entire bankroll on a single bet then something went wrong.  When a gambler is betting on a team to turn things around it is kind of like forcing a bet.  There are better situations that will occur in the playoffs.  A perfect example of a great situation already occurred in this year’s playoffs when the Lakers came home for Game 5 of their series against Oklahoma City after losing two straight.  Everyone had gotten off the Lakers bandwagon and jumped onto Oklahoma City.  It was a great situation for the Lakers and they easily covered the basketball betting number. Situational gambling happens in all sports and it definitely occurs during the NBA playoffs.

When you are involved in NBA betting, patience is a virtue.  You don’t have to bet every game. There are plenty of games on the board.  You will have situations occur that are good ones for your NBA playoff bankroll. Don’t force a must-win bet and don’t just play a game because you have to. Wait for a great situation and then make your wager.

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