Second Round NBA Futures and Props Numbers

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Second round NBA futures and props get interesting as the playoffs continue with the best teams still alive.

How do you handle the basketball futures and props in the second round?  What should you expect to happen?

NBA futures and props are tighter in the second round since the games are expected to be more competitive.  The series are normally competitive but sometimes a team will show weakness and lose three straight games.  Should you take a team that has lost three straight in the playoffs? In the last couple of decades, teams that have lost three straight games are not very good in that fourth game. In fact, they have lost straight up 60% of the time and they are almost as bad against the spread.  If they are a favorite in these games they are even worse against the spread losing more than two thirds of the time.

Usually when it gets to the second round and beyond in basketball futures and props, teams don’t do very well after losing three straight. Rarely does a team win the fourth game after losing three in a row in the playoffs. The teams only win about a third of the time in that situation. If the team is only average to begin with they almost never win after losing three straight.  And you might be surprised to learn that this situation happens an average of once every season.  Second round series are competitive but every so often a one-sided series will occur.

Throughout the NBA playoffs there are going to be must-win games.  Bettors love to take teams that have to win their next game.  Unfortunately, taking the must win team doesn’t work very well.  The team that has to win doesn’t always perform as you might expect.  This is especially true if a team loses the first three games of a series.  More often than not they simply get swept.

The second round of the NBA playoffs is where things really get heated up.  The best teams are matching up and you can expect things to be competitive. Every so often though a series will occur where a team just gets dominated and in those situations you don’t want to be expecting the losing team to get a win.  Keep that in mind as you look at the number for the second round of the NBA playoffs.

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