Sacramento Kings lose to L.A. Clippers 126-99

February 23, 2015 NBA Basketball

basketball player dunking ball through hoopSaturday the 21st of Feb. 2015, the basketball fans got to see the Sacramento Kings 19-35 playing at the L.A. Clippers 37-19, with the game played at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California with tip-off at 10 PM ET.

The scoring in this game in the first quarter was led by the Kings as they scored 29 points to the Clippers 24 points. In the 2nd quarter the Clippers stepped up their offense and scored 42 points while the Kings only managed some 18, thus the game went to half-time break with Kings 47 and Clippers 66, so the Kings started the 2nd half with a deficit of 19 points. In the 3rd quarter of the game the Kings scored 18 points while the Clippers continued to build their lead scoring some 31 point and increasing their lead to 26 points. In the 4th and final quarter the Kings had a late rally and scored 34 points to the Clippers 29, but that proved too little, too late to overcome their deficit and the Clippers won the game 126 to Kings 99.

The Leading scorers for the Kings in this game were; Center-Cousins-21 points 4 rebounds, forward-Gay-15 points 6 rebounds, forward- Casspi-11 points 17 rebounds off the bench, guard-McCallum-10 points 5 rebounds and guard-McLemore-9 points and 2 rebounds.

Leading the Clippers in scoring was; Guard-Rivers-28 points 1 rebound of the bench, guard-Redick-24 points 2 rebounds, center-Jordan-11 points 15 rebounds, guard-Paul-10 points 3 rebounds and forward-Hawes with 7 points and 6 rebounds.

In the beginning of this game and in the 1st quarter the Clippers were facing a 10 point deficit, but they changed things in the second quarter and eliminated the deficit and cruised to a win for the rest of the game, as the Clippers made 14-3 pointers in the game. Coming off the bench Rives scored some 28 points which was a career tops for him in just 26 minutes if game time as the Clippers had their 4 consecutive victories.

The Clippers Jordan had 11 points and 15 rebounds in the game, and he has the best NBA field goal percentage in the leagues history at 66.2 percent for players that have at least 1000 attempts at making field goals. At the same time he has the 2nd worst % for foul shots at 42.2 % and that’s for players that have attempted at least 1,000 foul shots.

The Kings were playing their 2nd game under Coach George Karl who returned to coaching and this was 1st los1s, as Friday he won his debut against the Celtics of Boston. For the Kings, Cousins had 21 points while Gay had 15 points and in the last 11 games Sacramento has lost 8 games. Karl said he came back to coaching as he had begun to start annoying his wife and others, and now back in the game of NBA he is feeling nervous once again. Is that nervousness his high?

In the team statistics we know that the Kings scored 99 points and the Clippers 126 points. On Field goals the kings made 30 of 88 shots for 34% while the Clippers made 46 of 95 for 48%. On Foul shots the Kings were 35 of 46 for 76 % while the Clippers were 20 of 28 for 71% on foul shots. For 3-Pointers the Kings made 4 of 16 for 25 % while the Clippers made 14 of 35 for 40% on 3-Pointers. Then on total rebounds the Kings had 55 while the Clippers had 54.

So fans of the Kings and the Clippers who Bet on NBA basketball at an Offshore sportsbook the Kings will be playing at home against the Grizzlies on Wednesday the 25th of Feb. 2015 while the Clippers will host the same Grizzlies on Monday the 23rd of Feb. 2015.

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