Reliable Handicapping Methods for NBA Playoffs Betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Sometimes NBA Playoffs betting can actually be more predictable than the regular season.

In the regular season you will have teams taking a night off or not playing to their full potential. That rarely happens in the NBA Playoffs and it is why some gamblers prefer this time of year for basketball betting.

NBA Playoffs betting is definitely different than the regular season. The playoffs are based on series unlike the regular season. That is the first major difference. You are looking at a 7-game series and that fact alone presents opportunities. You can bet the series price before the opening game of the series. You can also bet the adjusted series at many sportsbooks as the series continues.  There are also more props on the board since all of the NBA Playoff games are on television. With an NBA Playoff series you have more options to consider and that is good news for you as a gambler.

There are some handicapping methods that have worked throughout the years and have been pretty reliable in NBA Playoffs betting. Taking the losing team in their next game has proven to be profitable throughout the years although the oddsmaker has caught up to that strategy. Another method of making money during the NBA playoffs has been to take the road teams, especially after a loss. The road teams tend to come back harder and stronger in the next game and you get extra value.  This strategy seems to work even better in the second round of the NBA Playoffs as the teams remaining are better.

The NBA Playoffs begin in April and stretch out until the middle of June. It is refreshing to know that you are going to get a good effort out of your team in every game you wager on.  It also helps that the travel is even. During the regular season you have teams sitting at home waiting as the traveling squad is tired. That is not the case during the NBA playoff season, as both teams face the same travel schedule going from city to city.

Reliability is a factor when you look at basketball betting. Whether it is the reliability of your handicapping methods or teams giving a full effort, there is no doubt that the NBA Playoffs are more popular, more reliable and more enjoyable than the regular season.

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