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October 6th, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting can be done by anyone, whether they are a professional gambler or just a recreational gambler. If you are a recreational sports bettor that occasionally makes basketball betting wagers that is definitely okay. The serious basketball betting pro may treat basketball betting as an investment opportunity but that doesn’t mean they win money and it doesn’t mean the recreational gambler can’t win.

Basketball betting recreational gamblers usually just go with their favorite team or with the marquee name. That is one of the differences between the basketball betting pro and the recreational sports bettor. As you look at basketball betting websites you will notice that many recreational sports bettors really don’t have any reason for their picks other than the fact that they like the team. That is usually not a very good way of winning money in the long-term in basketball betting. You really need to do a little bit more, even if you are a recreational player, than just go with your favorite team in basketball betting.

One of the first things you will notice about the recreational sports bettor is that he plays a lot of different parlays. These parlays are usually for small amounts in basketball betting. Many of these parlay players put together the parlay in a moment’s notice without really thinking too much about it in basketball betting. If you want to win money at basketball betting you need to do more than that.

You will also notice that the recreational bettor usually goes with only marquee teams and only with favorites in basketball betting. If the Lakers Celtics, Suns or other marquee teams are playing, then you know that the recreational bettor is on those teams. Those are rarely the teams that the basketball betting pro is on.

You will also notice that recreational sports bettors continually bet games trying to make up for previous losses. It is called going on tilt in poker and the recreational player does it all the time in basketball betting. This is another big no-no if you want to win money in the long haul and something the basketball betting pro rarely does. There is nothing wrong with being a recreational sports bettor but if you are going to play even once in a while then you need to do some things a little bit smarter.

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