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October 9th, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

NBA Basketball betting is definitely exciting in the NBA once the playoffs begin. Online basketball betting gamblers who have survived the long grind of the regular season get recharged for the playoffs. Fans that normally check in on occasion during the regular season with basketball betting are definitely involved in the playoffs.

Basketball betting in the playoffs is different because the regular season has little to do with the postseason. Just because you did well during the regular season with your basketball betting does not mean you will win in the playoffs. It can help in online basketball betting to have some good strategies. The zig-zag theory is one of the more popular basketball betting strategies that players use during the playoffs. The strategy is very simple because it only involves taking the loser of the previous game. It makes sense because you would expect the loser to bounce back strong in the next NBA Basketball Betting game. The problem has become the extra price you now have to pay to follow this strategy in online basketball betting. Oddsmakers have adjusted to the strategy and make you pay a premium price to play it in basketball betting.

Another option for the basketball betting gambler is to bet the playoffs with a series price instead of each game. Many basketball betting gamblers like the series bet because it keeps them in action for the entire series without risking money on each individual game. If you happen to play the series you also may have opportunities to hedge your bet in online basketball betting if your team is leading or you can press the action if your team is trailing. The series bet gives you a few more options in basketball betting as the playoffs go forward.

When betting the playoffs you also have to remember that the home court advantage is often overrated. There is no doubt that home court is important, but road teams in the playoffs are not weak. Very often the oddsmaker will tack on a few extra points during the playoffs for the home teams because they know that is the way gamblers want to wager in NBA Basketball Betting basketball betting. As you pick your games during the playoffs take a look at the zig-zag theory, the series bet, and some road teams. That should help your overall playoff basketball betting.

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