Playing Parlays & Teasers in Playoff Basketball Betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Both of these options are popular in football but many people forget they exist in basketball.

In NBA betting you can bet parlays just as you do in football and increase your profits.

Basketball betting parlays and teasers are pretty easy to understand. Parlays are pretty straightforward but you still want to remember that three and four team parlays will give you the best value.  They pay 6-1 for the three teamer and 10-1 for the four teamer.  Anything more than a four team parlay gets really difficult to hit.

If you are looking at a teaser you have various options.  NBA betting teasers give you the option of an extra 4, 4.5, or 5 points for your wager.  The payoffs are less but still provide some good options.  Here are the basic payoffs for teasers.  Betting two team teasers in the NBA has you laying money anywhere from -110 to -120 depending upon getting 4, 4.5 or 5 points.  The payoffs increase as you add teams.  For a three-team teaser, the range of payback is +150 to +190 depending upon your choice. Most of the time it is probably just best to take the most points so that means taking the 5 point teaser.  Also, keep in mind that many times a sports book will have different rules on whether or not ties win, so check the individual rules on teasers so you understand your options. Some sportsbooks will also let you bet totals on your teasers. As you bet the playoffs this really comes into play since there are fewer games to choose from.

When you play a parlay or a teaser you need to remember to handicap the games just as you normally would. The extra points are a type of security for you and they present different opportunities. For example, it is really nice to tease games that are supposed to be close.  If the basketball betting oddsmaker thinks the game will be close then the extra points on a teaser should be helpful. This is particularly true in NBA Playoff action. Games in the playoffs are oftentimes close and teams rarely give up late in the game.  The point spreads in these games are tight and getting those extra 4 or 5 points can turn your loser into a winner if you bet a teaser in the playoffs.

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