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October 9th, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

Online NBA gambling is definitely a lot easier when you pick your spots. You would think when looking at online gambling on NBA games that the most important factor in handicapping a game would be the home court advantage.  The home team gets their fans and great support, but what bettors sometimes forget is that the oddsmaker have already built into the line home court advantage.  Is there another factor in online NBA wagering that could be more important?

Online NBA wagering for some gamblers is all about the schedule. The most important handicapping factor in online gambling on NBA games could be the travel factor. How far a team has to travel, how many time zones it crosses, the direction it travels and how many games it’s forced to play in a given number of nights is all part of the online NBA wagering equation when it comes to travel.

It is difficult for teams that have to cross the country to recover from the flight and then play a basketball game.  It gets even tougher if this team has already played the previous night.  Online NBA wagering players understand that no team can be ready for every game and that fatigue can become a significant factor. It’s also worth noting in online NBA wagering that it’s more difficult on the body to travel from the West coast to the East coast. NBA teams based in the Western and Mountain Time Zones often are disadvantaged more by long road trips than are teams in the Eastern and Central Time Zones. As you look at the travel factor in online NBA wagering you should consider the entire road trip.  There will be spots when teams just don’t have as much energy and are good teams to bet against in online NBA gambling.

You should also keep in mind that while travel is an important handicapping factor in online NBA wagering in the regular season it has little meaning in the postseason.  The reason for this is because teams have the same travel schedule in the playoffs.  Both teams have to get to the same spot from the same place and the fatigue factor is even as you look at online NBA wagering .

As you look at online wgering on NBA handicapping do more than just look at the basic statistics.  Remember that teams have various schedules and that fatigue will be a factor.  Look at the schedule as the year goes along and you will be able to pick spots where a team is likely to be tired.  Travel is an important online gambling on NBA handicapping factor, and to many sports betting players it is the most important online NBA wagering factor.


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